Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Small Dreams

The broken
For a moment
allows herself
to fall in love
with perfect strangers
She dreams
of slow dancing
with faceless men
she'll never know

She lowers her guard
just enough
to see a future
with the stranger
on the 36
Who promises
with his eyes maybe
or a half smile
to love her
between King Street

And Tanners End

Monday, 20 April 2015


Huddled into a warm flesh cocoon

You quietly said
                                                      I want to fly now.

I looked down at you, little caterpillar

Safe in my arms

Nestling my nose into your hair

I can’t let you go

                                                      I want to fly now, you said.

Changing eyes

You’re lost, little caterpillar

You want to be beautiful?

You already are to me


You don’t need these split brown arms,

Peeling skin tears into a smile

You are my little caterpillar

                                                       Fly free.

Friday, 17 April 2015

There are days

There are days
When we can see
the sunlight
 hitting the terracotta brickwork
There are days
when we smell
stale cigerettes
honey and lemon
and yesterday's tea
There are days
where we need not speak,
Sandpaper silence
says everything
you really mean
There are days
Where my head
loses it's self
in a plethora
of want
There are days
when I feel
And days
When I pray
For more days.

Hull Paragon Interchange

The Interchange
Is like a movie scene.
People everywhere
And yet I'm alone
Clutching a lukewarm Coffee
Everyone perks up to listen
the train woman's monotone song.
the 3:05 to Sheffield
will now depart from Platform six.

And not the one
with the black circular benches
That I had claimed
For the last 15 minutes.
I scurry with my three bags
bouncing off each other
to the rhythm of the next verse.
This train is formed of 5 coaches

A little boy
Trips on the sand coloured floor
And he cries
As his mother tries
to collapse a pushchair.
A small black screen blinks
orange letters
Places, times, platforms
But I don't stop to read
Train woman goes on,
First class is situated
Towards the rear of the train.

I stop on Platform six
Watching the train pull in
The windows are beaded with rain
And for a moment
I'm thankful for
The ridiculous arched roof.
The doors open with a hiss
then a clunk
As the end of the station song
Tells me that
An at seat service is
available on the train.