Saturday, 10 June 2017


"Unlearning is not reframing or refreezing or something along that lines. They all focus on an end state whereas unlearning is about moving away from something rather than moving towards something. So unlearning is exactly what it says. Intending to let go of what we have already learned or acquired." - MITHYA institute for Knowledge and Learning.

I used to know 
how to bleed
words to paper
blood to bed sheets
I would scream
like a newborn
arms raised
unable to hold
the world

I used to know
how to love
holding roses ,
ignoring the thorns,
my fingers in ribbons 
smiling quietly
hiding rotten teeth
behind lips
that tell lies

I used to know
how to dream
of a world
beyond the nib
of a pen 
where princesses
save themselves
in ways 
I've forgotten now,

I've forgotten how.