Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Moving on

Moving on,
Is like watching
the sun
rise high above
last nights clouds
smelling the rain
from the storm
that kept you up
until sunrise.
It's seeing the beauty
in the pink
and orange
and lavender haze.
It's deciding to
wake up early
to coffee
and the fresh pages
of an unopened book.
It's knowing
that today
might be the same
as the day before it
but smiling anyway
you were alive
to see
the blank canvas
of new

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


There is no glamour
in the sad imprints
of your thighs
spread wide
licked with blue
and forced against
Klein's sheets.

There is no pride
in immortalising
Your mother's body
In midnight stains
Losing yourself
in the canvas
The fumes leave you dizzy,
Sticky and exhilarated,

You lay back

Ready for the other side.